I know… I know! But you knew that I can’t get enough of it. It’s my passion, my torment, my obsession. And the most sold album worldwide, as well.

Well., let me update you a bit about what has been going on behind the curtains recently.

I knew – directly from Mr. Schaffer – that the “Angus Young” era of the Schaffer Vega came with a Receiver AND a specific type of transmitter.

It was the X10 – naturally – but a specific type of X10. It had (has) a black knob instead of the flat screw of the later models. I really wanted THAT X10 (because I knew that that would give me the sound I was looking for).


X10s with Black Knob

I did have it – I have three – but none of them was the matching one with any of my Schaffer receivers.

So we started (Mr. Schaffer, Mr. Borhesani and myself) hectically trying to understand how we could do the swap.

Eventually, Mr. Borghesani did the dirty deed. But – without luck – we chose two of the three black knob X10s that weren’t working. A terrible, unrecordable, unusable hiss was coming out of the amp. Couldn’t do anything with it.


Three X10s early type, black knob.

Additionally, we knew that we had to choose one specific unit – a Receiver and one Transmitter – to copy exactly for the incoming replica. So we got down on it.

Eventually – today – we found that the third X10 with the black knob – the last of them – was the working one.


A great match!

Ironic? I don’t know.

But now we have an original, perfectly matching and working 1977 style Schaffer Vega. 


Fil, is it any different to the Cetecs? Unfortunately, it is. And I say unfortunately, because this means this is a rare bird.

The moment you hook it up, it’s instant AC/DC to me (with the usual gear). There’s almost no equalization needed, not even the mild one I had been applying recently with the Cetecs.

And it is as such that I want to have you listen to it.

For the first time, in the right place and hopefully, in the right hands, my original Schaffer Vega Diversity System on AC/DC’s “Back in Black”.

(UNEQUALIZED! Just one Neumann U67 in front of the amp and UA tape emulators)

Back in Black, Schaffer Vega Diversity System

A few images of lab works following.


Some of my Cetecs and two more spare, non matched Schaffer Vegas at the Lab


Schaffer Vega being matched to black knob X10


Hectic Fil playing Luca’s own 1959 Replica (terrific geetar!)


See the many differences between an early type X10 (left) and a later, flat screw type (Cetec)


Mr. Borghesani Matching a Black Knob X10 with Recevier


Mr. Borghesani Matching a Black Knob X10 with Recevier

A view of Mr. Borghesani’s desk

Mr. Borghesani Matching a Black Knob X10 with Recevier



Regarding the replica, you KNOW we are on the right path. The first right components have been purchased to construct the compressor and the output amplifier of the unit.

Talk soon,


Fil! 😀


PS2: Are the Cetec R42/T77 and the Schaffer Vega Diversity different, soundwise?

Yes, they are. As I said the first time I could play one – months ago – they are internally very different, use different components.

The Cetec R42s are TERRIFIC units with a superb sound. A little less “hissy” than the Schaffer Vega Diversity, but different. The Schaffer Vega is… well used on many records!!!


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